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Mum ‘sick to her stomach’ after Amazon driver squats and wees outside her home’

A furious mum says she felt “sick to her stomach” after coming across an Amazon driver squatting down and having a wee outside her home.

She claims that after speaking to neighbours and checking their CCTV footage, she saw a woman getting out of an Amazon delivery driver's car, picking up tissues from the boot and proceeding to "urinate outside of my property".

The driver then allegedly left dirty tissues stained with blood and urine abandoned on the pavement.

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The alleged incident occurred in Kidsgrove area of Stoke-on-Trent shortly after 3.30pm on Friday, June 16. The stunned mum-of-two, who wishes to remain anonymous, told StokeonTrentLive that if she had been 30 seconds earlier, she and her children would have seen it all unfold.

She has complained to Amazon, sending CCTV stills and images of the tissues as proof of the incident, as well as contacting Staffordshire Police.

"I arrived home from the school run to see the fluids on the floor and noticed the tissue containing the blood," the mum explained. "After checking with my neighbours and their CCTV I was utterly appalled and disgusted to see that it was in fact two types of bodily fluids – it made me feel sick to my stomach.

"If we had come round the corner 30 seconds sooner my two young children would have witnessed what she was doing. I reached out to Amazon and they issued me with a £40 gift card for the inconvenience and are completing internal investigations which they are not at liberty to give me feedback on.”

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Amazon drivers can deliver between 250 to 300 packages a day. That’s about 20-30 stops per hour. One former driver described working conditions as "horrendous" with colleagues feeling unable to even take a break to go to the toilet.

An email the Stoke mum received from Amazon's customer relations team states: "While we cannot share the outcome of internal investigations, I would like to confirm that appropriate actions will be taken to reduce this happening in the future."

The email went on to apologise 'wholeheartedly' before offering a gift hamper 'as a gesture of goodwill'.

The Daily Star has approached Amazon and Staffordshire Police regarding the claims.

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