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Thug ordered XL Bully dog to attack delivery driver during violent street row

A thug ordered an XL Bully dog with the intent to attack a delivery driver and his neighbour which left him needing surgery.

Taig Jepson, 25, was jailed for eight years for ordering his massive dog to maul courier John Forsyth, 26, which left the man with severe lacerations to his arm and 18 puncture wounds scattered across his body.

Neighbour Denis Lunka had honked his horn at Mr Forsyth as he got out of his car, but it would appear Jepson misunderstood this, Liverpool Crown Court heard.

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It sparked an argument which led to Jepson punching Mr Forsyth in the head, who stumbled to the ground before the dog was let out to "attack" him.

Jepson's pet bit down on Mr Forsyth's right arm which began to bleed before neighbours came to his aid and chased the dog away.

The dog owner was arrested on April 19, and since then a court has heard the "solid, muscular potentially tenacious" dog was "under" his instruction at the time of the attack.

The brutal attack left Mr Forysth in hospital for three days and requiring surgery on his bicep after the dog had "pulled him like a tug of war" according to prosecutor Martyn Walsh, The Mirror reported.

It is unknown currently where the dog is although the court heard Jepson had sold the animal to some travellers.

Jepson admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent and being in charge of a dangerously out of control dog.

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Mr Forsyth said in a victim impact statement he had been off work for six weeks and did not receive sick pay in his absence.

Judge David Aubrey, KC, said: "There has been much public debate as to whether such a breed should become the subject of a banned breed.

"There has also been much debate because of a number of tragedies and indeed fatalities that have occurred over a period of time."

Despite the whereabouts of the dog being unknown, a destruction order was made for the dog while Jepson was banned from owning animals for 10 years.

David Ross, defending, said when intoxicated Jepson can be a different person, describing it as a "Jekyll and Hyde situation".

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