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Madeleine McCann suspect Christian B may be released

Madeleine McCann: Police search area near Portuguese reservoir

Christian B – the top suspect in the German investigation of the Madeleine McCann disappearance – could soon be a free man. Sources within the German police told The Sun that the convicted sex offender could be released before their investigation ends. However, the source insisted that Christian B would be placed under a ruthless 24/7 surveillance regimen if this scenario takes place.

This comes as lead prosecutor Hans Christian Wolters admitted the probe could carry on until 2026 – right up to when Christian B is due to be released from prison.

Mr Wolters said: “The investigation into the Maddie case will take as long as is necessary. If necessary, beyond a possible release of the accused.”

German police remain confident that Christian B – who was living around the resort town at the time of Madeline’s disappearance – is the main culprit.

While they first named him as a suspect in 2020, progress in the probe has been slow.

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At the time, the German prosecutor revealed that they had “strong” evidence against Christian B and even stated that the probe was “90 percent” there.

Speaking to The Sun, the source said: “It is very possible [Christian B] will be released while the investigation into Maddie’s whereabouts is still continuing.

“If that happens he will be watched around the clock.

“Detectives will monitor him 24/7 to see where he goes and who he talks to.”

Fresh searches for Madeleine McCann begin in Portugal

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There is also a hope that Christian B could slip up when he is released and possibly reveal key clues into the vanishing.

They added: “He is known to be a weirdo and a drifter, but he’s also a creature of habit so detectives fully expect him to migrate back towards the places and people he was seeing at the time Maddie vanished.

“This could well throw up new clues.

“A lot of those involved in the search think [Christian B] being out could actually help shine a new light on areas that have been overlooked or even missed.”

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The sex offender is currently serving a seven-year sentence for the 2005 rape of a pensioner in the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz.

Madeline was just three-years-old when she vanished from her holiday apartment in the same location in 2007.

German forensic experts are preparing to analyse items found during a three-day search at a reservoir 30 miles from Praia da Luz last month. 

It is thought that the detectives are comparing soil from the reservoir to samples from Christian B’s camper van.

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