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Hay fever sufferers to finally get day of respite as pollen levels set to tumble

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    Hay fever sufferers will finally gain some respite as pollen levels fall in many places as forecasters predict that thunderstorms will batter Britain over the coming days.

    People have been from sneezing and itching as heatwave temperatures have gripped the country over the past week, with 30C being recorded in some places.

    Pollen levels have been classified as "very high" for most of the UK every day this week, but this is set to change as the weather tails off.

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    The Met Office told the Daily Mirror that pollen levels will tumble to "low" in some places as soon as Monday (June 19) and that this would be against the backdrop of thunderstorms over England and Wales on Sunday (June 18).

    Spokesman Ollie Claydon said: "The pollen levels have been very high, even for northern England and all of Scotland, which is unusual.

    "They will now start to fall for the time being. Pollen levels on Monday will be low for some places, including parts of the north-east of England and north east of Scotland."

    Levels are expected to be in the mid-range in other areas, with Mr Claydon adding: "They will be high on Saturday for most of the country.

    "Then we have the weather warning for thunderstorms, and showers tend to reduce the levels as rainfall helps reduce pollen in the air.

    "It is difficult to forecast the exact spots pollen will be at its highest levels and lowest levels, but certainly Monday will be different following the unsettled weather."

    Hay fever is said to affect a fifth of people at some point in their lives, and the first two weeks of June are generally the first peak of the grass pollen season in the UK, with the second coming in the first two weeks of July, albeit not usually as severe.

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