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Artist threatened with eviction after drawing Pokémon with chalk on path

Drawing on the pavement with chalk is something many of us did as kids — whether it was creating a hopscotch board or drawing a picture, which easily washed away when you were done.

Well, one artist has continued creating art on her path well into her adulthood by drawing beloved characters from the video game and anime franchise Pokémon.

Kara Vaughn, who posts online under the username @varakaughn, has drawn well-known monsters from Magikarp to Bulbasaur — and has been praised by fans for her talent.

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However, one person strongly disapproves of her work, so much so, that they have threatened her with eviction from her home in Hutchinson, Kansas, US.

In a recent video, the artist took to TikTok, claiming that her landlord actually loved her chalk drawings — but his wife was quick to disapprove.

During a property inspection, the landlady allegedly went ballistic over the pictures, branding them “disrespectful.”

Kara claims she assured her that the artwork was just chalk and could easily be washed away but the woman told her to “just leave” if she didn’t like the "rules".

A short while later, Vaughn uploaded a video of herself on the phone with her landlady, who still appeared to have an issue with her tenant’s sidewalk artwork despite it being perfectly legal.

But the landlady responded wife: "I just don’t get this. I’m sorry, I just don’t understand you anymore."

Viewers were left baffled by the landlady's response as they took to the comments to defend the tenant.

One user wrote: "Ma’am it is SIDEWALK CHALK."

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Another added: "Girl I would have just hung up the moment she said are you testing me."

A third commented: "Does she not know what chalk is?"

However, some users argued that she should just follow the "rules" as they said: "I understand what the landlord is trying to say, no disrespect though."

Since the videos garnered more than 1.6million likes, Kara has encouraged her fans to take part in her ‘Chalk the Town’ event, which she organised in retaliation, complete with food trucks, music, a scavenger hunt, and other activities

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