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New weather maps show exact date next 28C French heatwave will grip UK

Met Office: Weather forecast UK

The Met Office has predicted that, despite the heavy showers and thunderstorms across the country, temperatures are expected to remain hot. The mercury could spike as high as 28C as the sizzling heatwave grips the country.

Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin said while conditions are likely to be “dry and very warm and humid for the majority”, he also added that the heat and humidity are “likely to spark some big thunderstorms” across several cities.

Although some areas experienced scattered thunderstorms and brief downpours, interrupting the otherwise splendid weather, forecasters predict a return to “sunnier” conditions.

Temperatures are expected to stay in the range of mid-to-high 20s for another week.

Weather maps posted on forecast by June 20 areas surrounding London will bake in 28C.

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Meanwhile the majority of the southeast will enjoy a balmy 24-25C in just one week’s time.

Manchester and nearby areas will be a bit hotter as a sizzling 26C is forecast next week.

Northern Ireland will be much chillier, albeit still pleasant in the sun, as residents will be able to bask in a mild 20-21C.

Scotland will be the chilliest as many areas will drop to the high teens, however, Inverness should enjoy a much warmer day with the mercury rising to 24C during the hottest time of the day.

Met Office meteorologist Dan Stroud said: “The weather will try and settle down on Tuesday and mid-week. But it will maintain this well-above-average temperature. Most of the UK will meet heatwave criteria.”

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According to the Met Office, temperatures in some parts of the UK soared above 30C over the weekend, breaking the record for the hottest day of the year so far.

However, large swathes of the country were under thunderstorm warnings as a yellow weather warning was in effect until 9pm on Monday for several regions in England, such as London, Oxford, Nottingham, and Manchester, with additional alerts for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Amid the torrential downpours in the capital, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan urged residents to avoid driving today if possible.

He tweeted: “High pollution has been forecast for tomorrow, Tuesday 13 June. Toxic air is dangerous, especially for those with heart and lung conditions. Please avoid unnecessary car journeys, engine idling and don’t burn wood or garden waste.”

However, thunderstorms are also expected to plague parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland today as another yellow warning is in place from noon until 9pm.

Nevertheless, overnight, the weather is expected to become dry, with mostly clear skies across the majority of the UK.

The Met Office forecasts that warm and muggy conditions will persist today for most areas.

Today will be “a warmer feeling day in southwest England and southwest Wales compared to today,” Meteorologist Deakin added.

He said: “The outlook is for more clear skies and not as many heavy thundery showers.”

Looking to the rest of the week, sunshine is expected to continue, according to the Met Office forecast.

Mr Deakin added: “We’re going to lose some of the humidity. Temperatures just dropping down a touch, but still likely to get into the mid to high twenties, and nights becoming a little more comfortable, but only a little bit.”

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