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Racy singer filmed performing oral on stage whips out sex toy in latest stunt

The controversial singer who was filmed receiving oral sex from a fan on stage has shocked the world yet again with her latest racy show.

Brazilian artist MC Pipokinha, real name Doroth Helena de Sousa Alves, previously made headlines for her explicit antics, including allowing cats to lick her nipples and entering the cockpit of a plane to flash the pilot.

And during her latest gig the funk musician, 24, stayed true to her X-rated ways and had two backup dancers perform sex acts on a giant double-ended dildo with their mouths while she sang.

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A video of the jaw-dropping incident posted to Twitter also showed MC Pipokinha getting involved, holding up another sex toy to show fans.

Social media users were quick to have their say over the racy incident, with one writing: "Everything I see about her is against my will."

Meanwhile another added: "My god why do i have eyes," while a third chimed in: "Oh my god I'm speechless."

The clip comes after speculation swirled that the raunchy singer was considering swapping her racy antics for a more god-honouring career in gospel music.

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The artist has reportedly discussed the potential genre switch with her loved ones in what will come as a major shock to fans of her more bawdy work.

Local journalist Luiz Bacci took to Instagram to share the news, writing: "Sources: Pipokita is studying to record and pursue a gospel career."

Captioning the post, he added: "The star will have confided this desire to people close to her. What do you think?"

Social media users were not impressed, however, with one questioning: "Are you going to sexualize gospel music?? Careful, God doesn't tolerate this!!"

MC Pipokinha previously revealed in an interview with local news outlet G1 she was adopted by a Mormon family, which could explain the alleged dramatic career change.

"My mother is a woman of great faith," she told the publication.

"She made us pray when she woke up, before lunch and before bed, to read the scriptures."

The singer is also reportedly making the jump to TV and has signed up for a stint on a reality TV show in her native Brazil.

She is reportedly booked to appear on the 15th season of A Fazenda ('The Farm'), a 24-hour reality show similar to Big Brother where celebrities are filmed round the clock.

Desembuxa Online reported MC Pipokinha was the first celebrity to sign up for the show after her graphic performances saw her popularity skyrocket.

Contestants have their phones taken away and are stripped of access to TVs and the internet during their three-month stay at the farm, with viewers tuning in to watch their every move.

The celebs then compete for the chance to win a prize of R$1.5million (around £245,000) by avoiding weekly evictions until one is left standing.

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