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Bloke sacked for spending six hours a day on loo at work due to ‘anal disease’

A bloke has been unceremoniously sacked form his job after bosses were sick of him spending six hours a day on the loo.

Known only as Wang, the Chinese man was sacked in 2015, less than six months after having surgery for an “anal disease,” local Chinese media reports.

The unnamed illness and subsequent surgery caused the man to need to spend a lot of time on the toilet.

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And most of this happened at work, with him spending around six hours per day on the bog.

Laodong Daily claims he was on the loo 22 times for that amount of time between September 7 and September 17, 2015.

His loo escapades range from 47 minutes to 196 minutes, his company reports, with him sometimes going three to four times per day.

You do have to wonder how he got any work done . . . unless he took a laptop to the loo.

He was sacked from his job in Tianjin in September of that year, with his bosses citing staff rules relating to tardiness, leaving work early and unauthorized absences.

But not to be kicked out easily, Wang went to court a month later, leading to a very lengthy dispute.

It was later ruled at the high court that Wang's toilet breakers did not come under “reasonable and normal psychological needs” and he remained sacked.

Although the saga happened between 2015 and 2016, it was re-told this week on Chinese social media by a Communist Party-backed news outlet called The Paper.

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Posting it on their Weibo channel, it prompted massive debates, with more than 6,120 comments being generated – many users questioned how the man's legs were still working after such long stints on the loo.

One user wrote: “I think this employee is a bit too much. It is obvious that the physical illness has not been cured.

“No matter how considerate the company is, it is not doing charity.

“He spends half a day in the toilet every day.”

And a second commented: “Firing is not fair to workers, but not firing is not fair to companies either.”

A third wrote: “If you work 2-3 hours more overtime, no company will sue you for violating the labour law.

“You can work more overtime, but it cannot take up working hours.”

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