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Brit Mia Khalifa who swapped Muslim life for racy content branded ‘the Devil’

One of Britain's biggest Pakistani Muslim adult stars dreams of being as big as arguably the biggest name to ever come out of the porn industry.

Aaliyah Yasin – also known as ThatBritishGirl – has been making waves in the UK adult industry as a pioneer for British Pakistani Muslims, and is among the most popular on the OnlyFans platform.

The former bank manager, 26, who was brought up in a strict Muslim household, has more than 109,000 followers on Twitter and roughly the same amount on TikTok.

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And having already admitted to the Daily Star previously that she is raking in a whopping £30,000 per month from her OnlyFans platform, Aaliyah has no plans on slowing down.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, she said: “I want to get Mia Khalifa big.

“I want to have a million, or two millions followers – I want to make myself bigger and bigger and bigger.”

Mia is known to most as constantly being one of Pornhub's most popular adult stars, despite leaving the industry several years ago having suffered abuse from within the industry.

Since leaving the business, the Lebanon-born influencer has also spoken out about death threats received from people claiming to be Muslim, including images being mocked up of her wearing an orange jump suit as if she was a hostage of terror group Islamic State.

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In much a similar way, Aaliyah has had horrific comments from those claiming she is “the Devil” etc as well as threats from distant family members who claimed they would send her to Pakistan and force her to marry someone after her OnlyFans account was found.

Her account began as a “foot fetish” account, which developed into nudes without showing her face.

This was mainly done out of fear.

And although she does still get threats online, she is now living in an undisclosed location unknown to both the Daily Star and extended family.

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Recalling the moment when her mum found out about her adult career, she said: “When she found out, she was devastated and heartbroken.

“She's doesn't agree with it, but we still talk.

“I understand completely – what mother or father wants to find out what their daughter is doing like online and stuff?

“My siblings have said I'm at the happiest they've ever seen me.”

Aaliyah does still celebrate the big Muslim festivals, but is no longer a practising Muslim.

Because of her strict upbringing growing up, she had to find other ways of exploring her sexuality.

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She describes her social life as being “very closed off” and she wasn't allowed to go out, meaning she was without friends so threw herself into gaming.

All of these games have online chat functions, and this is where her journey began where she would send nudes to males she was flirting with while gaming.

She then went on to discover the world of Discord servers, which are a bit like the modern version of chat rooms.

While there, she joined the Not Safe For Work servers and began “showing off” that way.

Her ex was not happy, but it sparked a conversation about joining OnlyFans where she decided that, if she was sharing pictures of herself naked, she might as well get paid for it – which she does… handsomely.

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