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Reality TV star left ‘practically paralysed’ after leaving drink unattended

An urgent warning has been issued after a reality TV star was left in a horror condition after a night out.

Former Bachelor star Monique Morley, 30, was left in a harrowing state after allegedly falling victim to a drinks spike while on holiday.

Tourists have been told not to leave their beverages unattended even for a moment after Ms Morely was left “practically paralysed”.

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The star of the 2019 series of Aussie Bachelor has since opened up on her ordeal at a resort in the Caribbean.

She toldYahoo ! Lifestyle: “I’m with a girlfriend in the Caribbean and we went out for drinks in a local bar at lunchtime.

“The place was nothing fancy, and we were two of the only people there and this local guy was like, ‘Hey I need to get in front of you’.”

She said that, given how low the venue was on patrons, his urgency took her by surprise.

“It was super weird because the place was empty,” she continued. “I assumed he was just going to a small fridge near the wall.”

The man shuffled past she said, as she looked out at the ocean.

“My drink had only just been served and when I turned back to drink it, I started to feel really weird – mostly in my legs.”

As confusion set in the star, who commands 52,000 followers on Instagram, tried to check in with her pal: “I asked my girlfriend if she felt the same and she said no.

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“I said, ‘Hey I think my drink has been spiked’. She asked how, as we were the only people there, but it must have been that guy. The drink was only left unattended for five seconds.”

Things then kicked up a gear.

“Everything then started going dizzy so I asked her to take me home and for her to drive. We had to keep stopping so I could throw up, my whole body felt weird and I couldn’t hardly feel my legs,” she said.

By the time she made it home she was “practically paralysed and was violently sick for hours”.

She then went on to share her stark warning with people looking to cut loose on a trip away.

“With holidays approaching, please can everyone be so so careful when out, especially when travelling and overseas,” she said.

“Watch your drinks and always have someone you trust around you. You should always listen to your gut too and remove yourself from situations you don’t feel comfortable in.”

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