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Man strips naked in Vatican city to protest Ukraine war in weird stunt

In a striking act of protest against the war in Ukraine, a man bravely shed all his clothing except for his shoes and socks, standing bare before the central altar of St. Peter’s Basilica, in the Vatican.

Adorning his back was a powerful inscription that read, “Save children of Ukraine.” Although this courageous act occurred just moments before the basilica’s closure, it was captured on film by astounded visitors and swiftly spread across various social media platforms.

Responding promptly, the guardians of the Basilica and a group of gendarmes intervened, ensuring the man regained his attire.

They then accompanied him to the Gendarmerie for identification and an initial round of questioning.

Sky News Italia sources suggest that the individual showed profound anguish for the Ukrainian children who face the harrowing reality of losing their lives to relentless Russian bombings.

The Vatican guards claim he suffered from self-inflicted cuts all over his body.

In 2016, a similar incident unfolded at the St. Peter’s Basilica complex, where an individual caused quite a stir.

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Clad solely in a backpack and a pair of trainers, a man named Luis Carlos Cherubino, an Italian citizen with Brazilian roots, found himself apprehended after engaging in a peculiar act of nudity.

With his clothes discarded, Cherubino embarked on a daring journey within the church.

Witnesses reported that he traversed the main nave, making his way towards the esteemed high altar, a location typically reserved for the Pope’s powerful sermons.

The extraordinary occurrence quickly captured the attention of the internet, as an image of Cherubino swiftly spread like wildfire across various social media platforms.

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