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‘I bought Wills and Kate’s £1.7k wedding cake then ate it – royalty’s inside me’

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    A man who splashed £1,700 on a piece of Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding cake horrified auctioneers when he decided to eat it straight away.

    Luxury car entrepreneur Jay went on Channel 4's The Greatest Auction on the hunt for something British and something royal.

    Seller Joshua, who used to work for the Royal Family with horses, had a rare item to sell — a piece of royal wedding cake from 2011.

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    "It's a tradition from a long time to be presented with a piece of the wedding cake as a favour, as a thank you, so I had always thought I'd keep it forever," he said.

    "But time has come to move on for someone who will treasure it and put it in pride of place."

    He put a reserve of £800 in the hope to use the funds to replace the bath in his house.

    Before auctioneer Charlie walked into the arena, potential buyers had a chance to take a closer look.

    Jay said: "I don't think there's much in there isn't it? Apart from a bit of wrapping and a nice box."

    But as a proud British and a royalist, he had his eyes set on the cake.

    The bidding war started and it soon went over Joshua's £800 mark, with Jeff Salmon rivalling Jay with a big bid of £1,500.

    They carried on until the price reached £1,700.

    When it was eventually sold to Jay, he was overjoyed with excitement – but what he did next stunned everyone.

    "So I definitely want to have a bite of it, 110%," Jay said and sniffed the cake.

    "Because it's like you've been at the royal wedding, you've consumed a little bit of the £57,000 cake they had made.

    "And I'm going to have a little bit of royalty inside me forever."

    He unwrapped the packaging and dug in for a small bite.

    "It's actually very good, you know, considering it's kept for 10 years in that box," Jay said.

    "Mate, it's actually mega, you know. It's really, really nice. I might have some more."

    Viewers were shocked by Jay's action, with one saying: "£1,700 for a tatty bit of cake!"

    Another teased him, saying: "‘Eats a bit of royal wedding cake, I will have a bit of royalty in me forever' —Only for a day tops actually mate!"

    "I can’t believe that idiot just ate the cake he bought," a third added.


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