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OAP stabs bar manager to death after she asks him to pay tab

Horrific footage has shown the moment a 77-year-old man stabs a bar manager to death after she tries to make him pay for his beer. The clip – recorded on the bar’s CCTV – shows the drinker furious arguing with the bar boss, named as Maria Isabel Carbonell, 38, after she refused to let go of his backpack until he paid up.

As the pair tussle over the bag, the man pulls a blade from his belt and threatens the woman at the Bebidas Boricua bar in the town of Nechi, in the northern Colombian department of Antioquia, on Tuesday, May 9.

Suddenly he lashes out, stabbing her in the stomach and, after she collapses to the ground, in the back.

Another younger man rushes in to punch the knifeman, knocking off his wide-brimmed hat.

However, but he flees when the attacker brandishes the blade again.

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Shortly afterwards, the killer callously ignores his dying victim sprawled on the floor – but bends down to pick up his hat.

His victim later died in hospital from her wounds.

The knifeman, who has not yet been named, was arrested by the police a few blocks from the bar.

An investigation is ongoing.

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