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Putin’s warlord vows to storm Kyiv in tank after ‘falling for £14K sting’

Gun-toting Chechen warlord Ramzan Kadyrov has promised to storm Kyiv after he got stung by a Ukrainian scam.

Poking out the top of a tank, he said vehicles such as this would roll onto his enemy’s capital in the name of “deNazification”.

The governor of Chechneya's angry words came in the context of an admission he had been burnt for the equivalent of £14,500 in a sting he claims was orchestrated by “Ukrainian intelligence”.

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Kadyrov’s show of patriotic bloodlust was delivered from a modernised T-72, a model first produced in 1968.

The upgraded version of the Soviet-era tanks come as part of a loss of more modern versions on the battlefields of Ukraine, forcing Putin and his allies to dip in their vast back catalogue of old kit.

Shaking an angry fist, the wounded dictator vowed: "Such tanks will drive to Kyiv and carry out deNazification, cracking Abrams [US tanks] like nuts along the way. Just wait.”

The 46-year-old then added this done-up T-72 has "the comfort and convenience of a Maybach”.

“It even has a reversing camera, so as not to run anyone down accidentally.

“Or on the contrary, to run someone down, if necessary.

“It beats the foreign machines in combat power, control, protection and serviceability.

“Any attack with it is like fishing on a yacht – one pleasure…spectacular, recognisable and formidable in appearance.”

Kadyrov is a colonel-general in the Russian national guard but is understood to have been stung by Ukranian intelligence for a hefty sum of cash.

He is understood to have been offered the opportunity to get his 16-year-old English thoroughbred horse named Zaza from the Czech Republic after it was impounded by Western sanctions in 2014.

“They knew about my attachment to the stallion and they were not wrong. I, of course, agreed [to pay],” he said.

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