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Israel-Gaza ceasefire broken after bloke ‘accidently hit missile launch timer’

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    The newly-agreed ceasefire between the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza and the Israeli army was broken within hours of being announced – by a bizarre mistake.

    For weeks, rockets have been fired daily from both sides into the towns and cities around the border with Gaza, with some going as far as Tel Aviv.

    According to the BBC, at least 33 Palestinians have been killed since Tuesday (May 9) in Gaza with Israel claiming it has struck PIJ targets.

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    Palestinian rocket fire into Israel has also resulted in two people, one Israeli and one Palestinian, being killed while working in the country.

    A ceasefire had been agreed between the Israel Defence Force and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad over the weekend – but it lasted less than a few hours thanks to a weird mistake.

    According to Jewish Press, citing Al Jazeera, a rocket was fired from Gaza into Israel after someone “fell on the launch timer” and set off a rocket by mistake.

    It was officially labelled as a “technical malfunction”, and happened just 15 minutes after the ceasefire was agreed.

    The launch caused untold panic at the PIJ headquarters, as it was evacuated just hours later when it was feared the IDF would respond to the violation.

    Israel reportedly did not respond to the ceasefire being accidently broken.

    UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Tor Wennesland welcomed the ceasefire and said: “I look forward to the immediate restoration of humanitarian access and all social and economic measures to support Palestinian livelihoods in Gaza."

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    It is not thought the rocket actually caused any damage or landed in a populated area in Israel – although the IDF claims PIJ reportedly fired 1,500 rockets in just three days before the ceasefire.

    The IDF has also claimed it struck 422 PIJ targets in an operation it called Shield and Arrow.”

    Border crossings between the two sides had been reopened by Israel, with supplies and fuel being allowed in to Gaza, as well as fishermen being able to return to Israel from Gaza to work.

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