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Casa Bonita, South Park licenses plates up for auction in Colorado

Lovers of Casa Bonita and the TV show “South Park” have a rare opportunity to showcase their fandom on a license plate.

Show creators-turned-restaurant-owners Matt Stone and Trey Parker recently partnered with state regulators to auction off 17 custom license plates relating to “South Park” and the famous pink palace.


Some of the best plates include “CSABNTA,” “TOWELIE,” “BUTTERS,” “TACOS,” “CLFDIVER” and “BLCKBRT.” There’s also a “TEAMUSA” license plate for fans of Stone and Parker’s feature film “Team America: World Police.”

Bidding is now open for the special edition plates; prices start at $100.

Casa Bonita has yet to announce an official reopening date beyond sometime this month, but The Denver Post has learned it has all the necessary permits to be able to do so. On Friday, fans received a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes of reopening, so it could be any day now.

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