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Prisoners forced to defend grub from vicious seagulls swooping down on jail

Vicious seagulls are swooping down and stealing prisoner’s canteen food.

Some inmates at Morton Hall prison in Lincolnshire, which is 50 miles from seaside resort Skegness, are allowed to take canteen food back to their cells.

But convicts are having their grub pinched by the cheeky birds on part of the route which is outdoors.

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A report by the jail’s independent monitoring board said: “We are assured by governors and prisoners in some of the units prefer the meal collection and return to cell system rather than using the dining room, despite having to collect plated meals open to the elements (and on occasion swooping seagulls) and what could be seen as a health hazard.

“However there have been no known cases of food poisoning and the like.”

The report comes after the Daily Star reported in March that just under half of Brits say they’d been attacked by seagulls in the past year.

A study found the psycho birds are dive-bombing terrified folk and stealing food like chips, sausage rolls and chicken nuggets.

Around 50% said a gull had tried to nick their grub and 20% claimed the bird had ‘been successful’ and had flown off with food.

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The remaining 28% claimed they had managed to rescue their food away from the hungry birds, according research by CarShades.

Last month it was revealed almost 200 people applied for jobs as seagull scarers at Blackpool Zoo.

The zoo advertised vacancies for five “seagull deterrents”, who would be required to wear a bird costume and scare off birds trying nick food from animals and visitors.

The zoo received applications from all over the world for the £10.80-an-hour jobs, including Australia, India, Uganda and Ukraine.

Some of the applicants sent in videos of themselves dressed as birds as part of their applications.


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