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Metro Bank sexism row as ‘male staff ranking female customers in WhatsApp group’

A major UK high street bank has been snared in a sexism row following allegations that male staff have been using group chats ranking women who came in.

Metro Bank chiefs are investigating claims about a WhatsApp group at a branch in Essex, regarding the allegedly misogynistic behaviour.

A woman is understood to have contacted a local newspaper saying she was friends with someone who works at the bank.

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The woman claims some staff had been comparing women to different types of bank accounts.

The bank has now said that, following the allegations, it will be speaking to staff and will not stand for any sexist behaviour”.

The woman explained: “I have a friend who told me about it and he thought it was quite funny.”

She explained how the staff would message one another about women who entered the bank.

She continued: “They have a secret code based on the different names of bank accounts and it’s been going on for about a year or so now.

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“When he told me about it, I told my friend I didn’t find it very funny, but he didn’t seem to see anything wrong with it.

“I think it’s disgusting and I think if someone found out about it, I think they would find it quite helpful.

“It’s not on, I am a customer with that bank but I don’t know if I will stay banking with that bank. I feel uncomfortable with the male staff rating customers behind their backs.

“If I do leave the bank as a customer, I think I will probably tell them the reason why.”

A spokesperson for Metro Bank said: “Metro Bank is built on a culture of diversity, inclusion and respect for all.

“We take any allegations of inappropriate conduct seriously and will not tolerate sexist behaviour.

“We are looking into the allegations and will take any appropriate action as required.”

The Daily Star has contacted Metro Bank for further comment.

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