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Putin’s Russian forces ‘escaping in disguise’ after nuclear evacuation warning

Russian soldiers are dressing in disguise and fleeing the area surrounding Europe's largest nuclear power plant in a desperate bid to save themselves.

Locals living near Putin-occupied Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant were ordered to evacuate the area by the International Atomic Energy Agency over the weekend.

The worrying announcement came just a few days after it was revealed that President Vladimir Putin's troops had seemingly rigged the interior of the plant with “defensive” explosives.

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Despite the six reactors being placed into shutdown mode, the site is still highly dangerous and only has a skeleton staff worth of experts running it.

With fighting still going on pretty much outside its front door in Ukraine, officials from the IAEA demanded that locals leave the area.

However, it seems that Russian troops are also looking at ways of fleeing.

According to comments made by the Kremlin-installed Mayor Yevgeny Balitsky, reported by Ukrainian news channel Ukrainska Pravda, they are resorting to dressing in disguise in order to get out safely.

He said: “There are some military personnel who are trying to escape from the temporarily occupied territories.

“So, our residents report frequent cases when the Russian military personnel change into civilian clothes.

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“One of the goals of why they do this is to escape from the temporarily occupied territory.

“Therefore, another filtering has now been added when leaving the temporarily occupied territory.

“When they check all civilians in cars and try to prevent Ruscist military personnel from being disguised in cars.”

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According to anti-Kremlin Russian news outlet Meduza, the word “Ruscist” is local dialect for “Russian Fascist”.

No official confirmation from inside the Nuclear Plant of its current status has been given for several months, as IAEA officials have not actually been able to attend the site safely.

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