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Mum ‘dies’ 3 times a month and meets Disney and Jesus in ‘out-of-body’ episodes

A woman who “dies” about three times a month claims she has built up personal relationships with Jesus and Walt Disney.

Beverley Gilmour, 57, suffered brain trauma in her 20s and ever since has been having unusual experiences with the dead.

Her first experience came in the 1980s, and since then she’s built up a “private relationship” with Jesus Christ.

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The mum of three, from Birkenhead, doesn’t identify as a religious person, but that hasn’t stopped the son of God from paying her visits on the regular.

Doctors reckon that injuries to the brain and brain traumas can cause out-of-body experiences – which in general are a little-understood phenomenon.

The self-proclaimed spiritualist says she can feel her body start to shut down – and even feels her heart stop.

She then feels herself leave her own body – like something out of a film – and from this point enters a space where she feels she can have interactions with the deceased.

Doctors have given her a diagnosis, a disorder of consciousness – a term usually loosely used for people in vegetative states or in comas.

Normally this leaves people unable to talk with others, but not exclusively.

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Researchers from the Coma Science Group at the University of Liège in Belgium have since started working with Ms Gilmour to help better understand what is happening.

She also claims to have met with her deceased parents during some of the times she’s gone into the near-death state.

Speaking to MailOnline, she said: “I have met with Jesus.

“'I have brought back things and then I will go into a trance and start writing.”

Chatting about the time she met Walt Disney, she said: “He was showing stories and when I met him.

“There was an amazing building and the wood felt alive and well preserved.

“When I came back I would go back into a trance and write down his stories and draw pictures of everything he has shown me.

“He showed me these characters and I became one of his characters and lived out one of his stories.”


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