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Woman punched, bit and smacked airport staff after refusing to bin apple juice

A woman punched, bit and smacked three separate TSA agents after refusing to bin her carton of apple juice.

Makiah Coleman, 19, was presumably enjoying her beverage quite a lot, fighting off three airport security workers in the hopes of holding onto her juice.

It was to no avail though, with the 19-year-old growing irate and allegedly hurling bites and punches at security checkpoint staff at Phoenix Airport in the United States.

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A probable cause statement has since revealed Coleman was "ranting and raving" about the potential loss of her beverage, which led to three agents intervening in a mad checkpoint scene.

The probable cause statement set the scene of the alleged attack, reading: "[Coleman] was ranting and raving about the apple juice and walks around the barrier and attempts to grab the bin containing her items being screened from the TSA agent."

Said attack reportedly saw Coleman leap over and whack an agent on the head before punching and pulling the hair of a second TSA member.

Three's a crowd of course, and the third agent who intervened and put an end to the juice-stemming rage was allegedly bitten by the crazed woman, NewYorkPost reported.

Two agents were taken to hospital after the incident while hundreds of people queueing behind Coleman were left inconvenienced and likely a bit startled.

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Officials had to shut the checkpoint for some time after the attack, with a TSA spokesperson confirming 450 travellers were inconvenienced by an incident which hospitalised two employees.

The TSA spokesperson said: "Unfortunately, this situation not only resulted in three of our TSA officers being injured but inconvenienced approximately 450 travellers who had to be redirected to a nearby checkpoint for security screening."

Coleman has since been arrested and charged with aggravated assault, criminal damage and disorderly conduct.

Those aforementioned officers who found themselves in hospital have since received a full discharge.

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