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Mayor, 65, who married teen beauty queen, 16, has wed six times and has 16 kids

A mayor in Brazil who married a 16-year-old "princess" beauty queen and promoted her mother to a top job has 16 children and has married six times.

Mayor of Araucaria, a municipality in the Brazilian state of Paraná, Hissam Hussein Dehaini, 65, reportedly wed his teen bride Kauane Rode Camargo last month.

The high school student last year participated in the Miss Araucária contest, in the teen category (for girls aged 15 to 17) and came second. Reports state that she turned 16 the day before her wedding.

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And it has now been revealed that she is the seventh wife of the politician, who handed in his resignation following the backlash after marrying her. He was first married in 1980, before his mother in law was born.

Metropoles also revealed that Dehaini has 16 children, one of them deceased.

The publication also reported that in 2000, he was heard by the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) on Drug Trafficking charges and was even arrested, according to the report by the Chamber of Deputies.

At the time, he declared himself innocent of any connection with drug trafficking rings.

The site said he was charged with being appointed as responsible for maintaining the drug refining laboratory, protecting traffickers and paying the police for protection.

This follows reports that a day after the wedding on April 12, Kauane's mother Marilene Rode, 36, was promoted to Secretary of Culture of Araucária. She had been a general secretary beforehand, reports stated.

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Marilene's sister, Elizângela Rode, is also a commissioner at City Hall.

It was previously revealed that Dehaini announced his departure from the Citizenship Party in the wake of news of his marriage to the teenager.

"I appreciate the coexistence I've always had in the legend since 2009, being my only affiliation party," he said.

The Public Prosecutor's Office of Paraná (MPPR) reported that there is an ongoing investigation into Kuane's mother's promotion.

Banda B reported that "one of the main questions" relates to the promotion of the young bride's mother so shortly after the wedding.

However, according to the Municipality of Araucaria, she “meets the necessary conditions for the exercise of the position, since she has 26 years of experience”.

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