Government hands anti-bullying contract to anti-Dominic Raab firm

Labour MP defends Raab over being sacked by civil servants

The Government’s Cabinet Office has awarded a £140,000 contract to a Manchester-based company as part of an anti-bullying drive in the civil service. Amid criticism of civil service ‘snowflakery’ following the forced resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab, it transpires that the owner of the firm ‘celebrated’ the fall of Mr Raab’s Cabinet career.

Yesterday, the Cabinet Office announced it had handed a £140,000 contract to Culture Shift for a “Bullying Harassment and Discrimination Reporting Platform”, which will allow civil servants to “anonymously report incidents of Bullying, Harassment or Discrimination”.

The move came despite Dominic Raab criticising the complaints system and voicing calling for a limit on vexatious complaints against ministers by left-wing civil servants.

The company awarded the new anti-bullying contract, first revealed by the Spectator, will not reassure those who believe Mr Raab was unfairly forced out of his job.

Culture Shift specialises in equality and diversity training, including promoting pronouns, trans inclusion and argues “niceness can be as toxic as bullying”. They’ve also advised the University of Leicester on how to support “student sex workers”.

Culture Shift’s CEO, Gemma McCall, celebrated the resignation of Dominic Raab last week, tweeting: “Great leaders should and can inspire and motivate their team to achieve success WITHOUT resorting to bullying, shouting, or intimidation. Bullying is never okay. #DominicRaab”.

Ms McCall has also posed wearing a ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ sticker, and said on LinkedIn: “I love being woke”.

The company’s CEO also shared numerous anti-Boris Johnson posts to Twitter.

In 2019 Ms McCall described Mr Rees-Mogg as a “despicable gentrified earwig” and a “vile boil on our nation”.

The civil service has come under renewed criticism since Mr Raab’s resignation last week, with Jacob Rees-Mogg telling GB News: “I think you need to have people with a bit of backbone working in Government and this snowflakery is damaging for democracy.”

Numerous other Tory MPs criticised the civil service following the Deputy Prime Minister’s resignation.

Beaconsfield MP Joy Morrisey tweeted: “Sadly, we now live in a country where the definition of bullying includes telling someone to do their job”.

“Where the slightest upset or annoyance is indulged with endless reports and inquiries.

“Where whining, taking offence and narcissistic victimhood have become the defining characteristics of our times – as the uncomplaining and silent majority look on in disbelief…”

Philip Davies MP said: “I wonder whether or not this could lead to a spate of other complaints going in about other ministers, because I suspect that if the threshold has been set so low there will be other examples out there as well”.

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Mansfield MP Ben Bradley hypothesised that in future, civil servants could “just stick a complaint in and get rid of” their minister if they disagreed with them.

The Telegraph’s Camilla Tominey wrote: “While I am not condoning nastiness in the workplace, what this report sadly suggests is how far the pendulum has swung in favour of those who seemingly believe that any robust scrutiny of their work amounts to “bullying”, even when they’re doing a bad job”.

Culture Shift has been contacted for comment.

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