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Tropical blast reports called ‘inaccurate’ by Met Office — cooler spell expected

The Met Office has shot down suggestions that a tropical blast could be on its way for Britain ahead of an expected cold snap next week.

Addressing reports that the UK may experience up to 40C in the coming weeks, the weather service said: “It’s not possible to forecast the highest temperature this summer at this range."

It clarified that temperatures across London and the rest of the UK will turn cooler this weekend and into next week with possible wintry and snowy showers and that average temperatures were not expected to return until the end of the month.

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In its latest update, the Met Office reports that temperatures in London will reach 8-9C later this morning (April 20) before rising to a high of 15C in the afternoon.

Beyond the afternoon, Met Office forecaster Alex Deakin said there was the possibility of “showers late in the day” as temperatures begin to cool.

Mr Deakin said there will “be quite a lot of cloud” on Friday (April 21) ahead of an overcast weekend.

The Met Office predicts a high of 13C on Saturday (April 22) and 14C on Sunday (April 23), while the BBC’s Elizabeth Rizzini said that showers would become “more frequent as we head through Friday”.

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She added: “Over the weekend it’s not going to feel very warm. The winds will be lighter but again there will be showers at times.”

The Met Office and the BBC reported that temperatures may well struggle to rise beyond 10-11C on Monday (April 24) and Tuesday (April 25).


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