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Influencer heartbroken after her pet duck ‘child’ stolen during break-in

An influencer has been left heartbroken by the theft of her pet duck, which she loved so much she treated it "like her child".

Police in Brazil are on the case for the stolen animal, as Julia Olympio spoke of how her feathered friend was nabbed – leaving her dealing with a "big void" in his place.

The Instagram influencer who boasts millions of followers has since hit out at those who stole her beloved bird, lovingly named Patolino.

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Patolino is said to have been reported missing after a break-in on Julia's home, with the influencer's condo torn through by thieves, who seemingly took the duck with them.

Speaking of the harrowing experience, Julia said: "I treated him like he was my own child. He's been to the beach and the countryside with me. It's been terrible being without him, it's such a big void."

In a post to her Instagram account following the theft, Julia added she had prayed for Patolino and the duck's safe return, writing: "With a lot of faith in God, we will find whoever has my Patolino."

She added: "It feels like I'm going through a nightmare and at any moment I'll wake up and he'll be there waiting for me."

The influencer, whose condo was broken into, does not believe the animal was killed as "we would have found the body", and has since been in contact with a lost pets expert.

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Julia said: "I was very desperate when he disappeared. I searched on Google and found a company that specialises in finding pets.

"Three people from the company came with a sniffer dog, we searched in the woods but without success. We found a trace of him, but then it disappeared. That's why we're concluding that someone took him."

The Instagram influencer has not yet given up her search for Patolino and took to Instagram where her anguish over the lost animal was clear, adding that every day "feels like a thousand years" without him.

She continued: "Without him here, it's very difficult, and the longing increases with every passing minute. My Lord Jesus, you can move mountains, hear my prayers, God of the impossible, perform this miracle in my life and bring him back to me."

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