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DPD driver ‘left woman with bruises’ during nightmare delivery visit

A woman claims that a DPD delivery driver allegedly pushed a metal trolley into her legs during a nightmare delivery visit.

On Tuesday last week (April 11), Aki Lee, from Liverpool, says she ordered two large parcels containing furniture to her city centre flat, but claims the delivery driver refused to deliver the "huge parcels" to her flat door.

Aki added she was "confused" by this as when she shopped at IKEA, the company said the parcels can be delivered to a room of her choosing.

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Speaking to the Liverpool ECHO, Aki said: "I asked if we could at least borrow the metal trolley for us to push the parcels to our flat.

"He said that was not possible and said he has to leave the parcels at the lobby and not to the flat."

Aki claims that the driver was in a rush and pushed her legs with the trolley.

Photos show huge bruises on Aki's legs which she described as "very painful" leaving her "very upset".

"I felt his actions were very intrusive and that's why I wanted to let him go but we really needed that parcel, and that's why I came out and told him to wait for us," Aki said.

A spokesperson for DPD said they were not aware of these allegations and could not verify the claims but would be carrying out an investigation.

They added they are waiting to carry out a full investigation after interviewing the driver in question.

A spokesperson for Merseyside Police that no such assault had been reported to them.

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Aki's case has sparked outrage on social media, with many people sharing their own experiences with DPD and calling for the company to take action.

Some customers have even said they will stop using DPD if they do not address the issue.

DPD is one of the UK's largest delivery companies, with over 11,000 drivers and 84 depots across the country.

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