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Dad ‘catches nurse slamming his newborn baby facedown into his crib’

NICU nurse Amanda Burke, of New York State's Long Island, has been arrested after allegedly slamming a newborn baby face first into his crib.

The baby's father, Fidel Sinclair, reportedly caught the 29-year-old on video roughly handling his two-day-old son.

Burke was arrested on Wednesday morning, after being charged with endangering the baby's welfare.

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The incident occurred at the Good Samaritan Hospital in West Islip, Long Island, reports the Mail.

Burke was fired hours after the damage had already been done to baby Nikko.

The newborn's camera-savvy father, Fidel Sinclair, recorded the horrifying act on his mobile phone through the NICU's window.

Nikko's mother Consuela Saravia recalled quickly confronting the nurse: "I told her: ‘I don’t want you to touch my child! You just slammed him."

Saravia said Burke responded with a flippant response: "She said, 'Oh no, if you think I mishandled him or anything, I’m sorry.'"

Prosecutors with the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office confirmed the bassinet (cradle) slam: "Burke approached the newborn while he was lying in a bassinet, lifted him up, quickly flipped him over, and violently slammed him face down in the bassinet."

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District Attorney Raymond Tierney commented: "The allegations against this defendant, who is someone entrusted with the care of our most vulnerable citizens, are truly disturbing."

The baby was unharmed, but Nikko's parents worry that this mishandling could have happened to other children, due to a lack of security cameras.

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"There were a lot of babies in there and it made me feel like if that happened to Nikko who else did that happen to," Sinclair noted.

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Burke's attorney Robert Gottlieb said: "This case should have never resulted in criminal charges.

"The baby involved was not injured or ever placed in any danger of injury. The District Attorney’s statements are off base and not justified by all the facts that will come out in court."

Burke will return to court on May 2, and her nursing license is not yet suspended.

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