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Bloke pulled on boat with blood gushing from leg after losing it to propeller

A horrifying video has captured the moment a bloke was dragged back onboard a boat after a propeller had torn through his leg at the shin.

The clip, which has been circulating on Twitter, shows the man desperately trying to climb back on board when suddenly a deadly propeller drags him under the water.

Onlookers were heard screaming in the tense moments before the man popped back up and tried again to get out of the water at Sint Maarten in the Caribbean near Bobby's Marina.

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Another man is seen attempting to help him when blood started gushing from the victim's leg and he was pulled back under again.

Eventually, he was picked from the water with blood gushing from his right leg as it had been chopped off from just below the knee.

Footage of the incident was shared on Twitter by @KYEkye45, gaining more than 2.3million views, as he claims it would put him off ever vacationing at sea.

The tweet said: "You’ll never catch me jumping off a boat on holiday in the middle of the sea."

Viewers were also left chilled at the clip as they took to the comments terrified by the footage.

One user wrote: "I find it crazy one decision can alter the rest of your life."

Another commented: "Boat propeller done him."

A third added: "Only one person actually did something with everyone standing around."

Police are still investigating the incident but they believe the victim had jumped into the water and tried to swim towards a water taxi that was docked at the pier, according to local media.

But his foot got caught in the propeller when he tried to climb on board.

Reports say he was treated for his injuries at the scene before being transported to St Maarten Medical Center.

He remains in critical but stable condition.

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