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World’s biggest water fight sees millions getting soaked to cope with 37C heat

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  • Millions of hot, wet people took to the streets of Thailand to spray each other with water inn the world’s biggest water fight.

    The mad event happened as part of the Songkran Festival – the first to take place since 2019.

    Tourists came from all over the world to take part in the big event, which sees the city of Bangkok shut down around 40 parts of the city to allow for public water fights to take place.

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    The festival, which is also celebrated in neighbouring Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos, falls at the hottest time of the year when temperatures can creep above 40c – but only topped around 37c this year.

    While many tourists and locals congregate in the capital, millions of workers head home to rural provinces to see family and celebrate by cleansing images of the Buddha for luck, throwing water on each other, and washing the hands and feet of elders to pay respect and ask for a blessing.

    Oddly, police were on high alert because the festival is know for an increase in traffic-related casualties, with many accidents involving drunk driving.

    The Tourism Authority of Thailand projects this year’s Songkran festival will help generate more than £450 million in revenue and bring in more than 300,000 international travellers for the holiday week.

    So, by that result, all the rest of the planet needs to do is have a giant water fight and the world’s economic woes would end pretty quickly.

    1. Wet, Wet, Wet

      Locals and tourists go nuts as the giant water fight takes over the country

      (Image: AFP via Getty Images)1 of 11

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    2. Drink The Water

      Some could accused the festival of being a waste of vital water resources but not us . . .

      (Image: Getty Images)2 of 11

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    3. Cry Me A River

      This lot appear to be having a lot of fun

      (Image: Getty Images)3 of 11

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    4. Rain On Me

      Respect your elders . . . unless its in a water fight

      (Image: Anusak Laowilas/NurPhoto/REX/Shutterstock)4 of 11

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    5. Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

      Just stick to the water guns that you’re used to

      (Image: Getty Images)5 of 11

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    1. Down by The Water

      Even the cameraman got wet

      (Image: Getty Images)6 of 11

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    2. Umbrella (ella, ella, ella)

      There’s no way of protecting yourself from the barrage

      (Image: Getty Images)7 of 11

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    3. Wade In The Water

      Even the police were seen getting involved

      (Image: Louise Delmotte/AP/REX/Shutterstock)8 of 11

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    1. Splish Splash

      This army bloke was not pleased about the impromptu bath

      (Image: AP)9 of 11

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    2. Come Rain Or Come Shine

      The scorching heat didn’t stop this lad getting involved

      (Image: Louise Delmotte/AP/REX/Shutterstock)10 of 11

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    3. When It Rains It Pours

      And it certainly poured with this amount of water guns involved

      (Image: AFP via Getty Images)11 of 11

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