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Deported OnlyFans star devastated after spending 30 hours locked up at airport

An Australian OnlyFans star has been given the boot from the US and had her visa “revoked”.

Mikaela Testa, 23, claims to have spent some 30 hours detained in border control before being given the boot back Down Under.

She was put back on a plane to Sydney, posting a story on Instagram for her three-quarters of a million followers about her alleged ordeal.

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She wrote: “I’ve just been locked in the US border force room for over 30 hours with no phone and had my visa revoked,” she told her almost one million followers.

“They’ve just deported me back to Australia and I can’t enter the US.”

She uploaded a grateful image of Sydney from the plane above and expressed her happiness at having a safe place to go back to.

She also added that some of the other people she was with weren’t so fortunate.

“So grateful to come home to a safe country,” she said.

“Some of the girls that were detained with me will not.

“Some had been there for over three days with no contact to the outside world.”

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No additional information was given, however, The Daily Star has contacted Mikaela for further details on her deportation.

In the past she claims she was detained again for being “pretty” and was wrongly believed to be “an escort”.

The first incident, which is understood to have taken place in October last year, saw her allegedly held for five hours.

She was inspired to tell her story after a follower of hers told her they had suffered a similar alleged ordeal.

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“They didn’t let me into the country because they thought I was an escort,” the follower said.

She then gave followers an insight into her claims, saying: “It’s actually so scary and sad, they treat you like one too.

“I feel like they think this about any pretty girls. I met so many in detention last night.”

She added: “You aren’t allowed to touch your phone and you have to watch trash American TV advertisements for five hours.”


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