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OnlyFans star ‘kicked out of country’ after being stopped for ‘having boobs out’

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    An OnlyFans star who sells her farts online claims she was kicked out of South Korea after someone reported her for "having her boobs out" while streaming.

    Hong Kong streamer Kiaraakitty, or Kiki on social media, made headlines when she revealed she was raking it in by selling her own bodily gas in nicely wrapped jars to desperate fans.

    She also received a ban from streaming site Twitch after suggestively eating a sausage while dressed only in her underwear.

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    And she's caused controversy once again, by taking to the streets of Seoul, South Korea, in a revealing outfit, attracting the outrage of authorities and allegedly being given the boot.

    In a TikTok video posted on Sunday (April 9), the content creator showed how two officers approached her as she spoke to her stream.

    The female officer speaks to her in Korean and Kiaraakitty responds with: "I don't speak Korean."

    "It's my first time here – I've never been to Korea before," she told the officers. "I don't know your law."

    The officers then call up a translator who explains to Kiaraakitty what the other officers are trying to say.

    Kiaraa claimed that someone had reported her to the police for "having my boobs out", but she said she was "wearing a lace top with a very thick fur coat".

    And today (Wednesday, April 12), she claimed that Korea kicked her out "because of boobs".

    She wrote on Twitter, saying: "The Korean police called me to go down to the station for questioning based on a false report made, that was a terrifying experience yet at the same time im grateful for such efficient police to be around which kept us all safe."

    In a follow up tweet, she explained that the report was made because she was allegedly "fully naked".

    She later added: "Time to leave Korea. The first country to kick me out because of boobs".

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    Before her apparent ejection from the country, she said online that "jealous b****es" were to blame for the false report.

    "Of course it's some jealous b****es who complained about my t**s," she said. "Like shut the hell up and let me make my money."

    The streamer's Twitch account has been suspended four times. Twitch does not allow the streaming of "sexually suggestive content".

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