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‘Hero worship’ of killer Raoul Moat ‘was absolutely bizarre’ says ex-police boss

A former police chief who led to hunt for crazed killer Raoul Moat has slammed those who worship the bloke like a “hero”.

Neil Adamson, former head of Northumbria CID, was front and centre in July 2010 while the world watched as the former nightclub bouncer from Newcastle shot three people in the North East, killing one, and blinding a police officer, PC David Rathband.

His daughter Katelaine, then 11, was whisked to a safe house where she watched her father's chilling warning played over and over on TV – goading officers with a threat to kill them and warning he would only stop when he was dead.

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He shot and wounded ex-lover Samantha Stobbart, then 22, and then killed her new partner Christopher Brown, 29, falsely believing he was a police officer.

And the rampage only stopped when when Moat, finally surrounded, shot himself after a six-hour, riverside stand-off in Rothbury.

Now, ahead of a new ITV three-part documentary into what happened airing on April 16, 17 and 18, Mr Adamson has opened up about dealing with the family's of the victims and questioned how the man could be called a “hero” by those who worship him.

According to The Mirror, he said: “I flew down to London a couple of times during the investigation to see Christopher’s mother and she was incredibly dignified.

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“The vast majority of the public were on our side and the local community was fantastic.

"The hero worship was absolutely bizarre, because the series shows how controlling and deranged he was, a misogynistic bully.“

"Samantha was 16 when 31-year-old Moat met her.

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“He dominated her and had to know everything about her.

“How can anybody be in awe of an individual like that?”

The new ITV show is set to re-enact what happened over the seven-day period, and will be called The Hunt For Raoul Moat, starring Matt Stokoe as Moat.

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