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Russian forces failing to make ‘serious advances’ anywhere in Ukraine

Ukrainian forces destroy Russian infantry fighting vehicles

Russia failed to “advance seriously anywhere” on the frontline in Ukraine despite their long-awaited spring offensives, a Ukrainian military official has claimed, as Putin’s force shift their attention to defending against imminent counter-offensives. Council of Reservists of the Ukrainian Ground Forces Head Ivan Tymochko reported on April 8 that while fighting across the entire frontline waged on, Russian forces are “no longer attacking to break through” but rather to “withdraw” and distract the Ukrainian soldiers in a bid to slow the pace of potential counter-offensives.

He said this followed more than a month of Russian attacks that were “choked” in the eastern regions and, ultimately, achieved little more than marginal gains.

Mr Tymochko said: “The enemy is trying to attack in directions, but we understand that these are no longer attacks to break through our front line, but attempts to withdraw our forces from specific directions so that we cannot start, in their understanding, our announced counteroffensive.”

He added that “the enemy was unable to advance seriously anywhere, the attacks on Avdiivka were choked”.

It comes as prominent Russian milblogger WarGonzo, a suspected associate of the Wagner Group, claimed that “the intensity of the offensive operations of the Russian Armed Forces had noticeably dropped” in recent weeks.

The Telegram channel claimed that there had been “little progress” in northeastern contests and “no success” further east.


Russia ‘expending significant resources for minimal gains’ in eastern Ukraine

Russia is using “significant resources for minimal gains” in the eastern region of Donetsk in Ukraine, the British Ministry of Defence has claimed.

In its latest update on Twitter, the MoD said that Russia was focusing its efforts on the eastern towns of Marinka and Avdiivka but had failed to make serious progress.

You can read their full statement below.

Zelensky decries Russian attack that killed and injured family of three on Easter Sunday

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has hit back at the “terrorist state” of Russia after two members of a family of three were killed in Ukraine’s southeast region of Zaporizhzia on Palm Sunday.

He said on Sunday evening: “Tonight, the Russian army shelled Zaporizhzhia with S-300 missiles.

“They hit a house, an apartment building. Three people were inside. A man, a woman and a child – a girl, her name was Iryna, she would have turned 11 this year. She died. The man died too. My condolences… The woman is in critical condition, in the hospital, she is being provided with medical care.

“This is how the terrorist state spends this Palm Sunday. This is how Russia puts itself in even greater isolation from the world, from humanity.”

While Russia’s Orthodox Christian church will celebrate Easter on April 16, many Ukrainians celebrate Palm Sunday in accordance with western traditions.

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