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Putin’s war crimes beamed into Belarus with giant screen on Ukraine border

Ukraine's leaders have come up with a novel way of educating their neighbours and enemies as to the realities of the war crimes committed by Russian President Vladimir Putin in their country.

The leadership of Ukraine's Zhytomyr region, which borders Belarus, have erected a massive cinema screen outdoors on the border.

And they have installed giant speakers, too.

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The screen is streaming news from within Ukraine about the unspeakable acts committed by Russian soldiers with Ukraine in the hopes of turning one of Putin's closets allies against him.

It has been confirmed by Polish-owned Belarusian-language broadcasting service Belsat that the screen is also showing clips of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko openly supporting Putin, while featuring clips of attacks on Ukraine launched from Belarusian land.

According to anti-Putin Russian news outlet Meduza: “The video also shows photos of the bodies of civilians in Bucha who were killed during Russia ’s occupation of the town, as well as an address from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to Belarusians.”

It has been confirmed that the live stream can be heard and seen in Belarus, but leaders in the area on the enemy side have not yet commented on it.

A Belarus flag has also been put up near the screen alongside a Ukraine flag to show that Ukraine is happy to support the Belarusian people.

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Lukashenko has been Putin's biggest ally in the never-ending war.

Recently he said that he would use nuclear weapons in support of Putin if he had to.

He said: “You heard from the Russian president about the plans for creating a suitable infrastructure on Belarusian territory.

“I would like to clarify: all the infrastructure has been set up; it’s ready.

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“If need be, Putin and I will deploy strategic nuclear weapons too.

“Those lowlifes who are trying to blow us up from abroad, they need to realize we won’t stop at anything to defend our countries, our states, and our populations.

“If they don’t understand any other language, this at least will force them to reckon with our people.”

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