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Unhinged new Russian propaganda video features cringey ‘Z Batman’ on warpath

Russia has released a “bizarre” propaganda video featuring a gun-wielding Z-wearing Robo-Batman.

Reported by Twitter account Where is Russia Today, the video was released by the 150th Armoured Division of the Russian Army.

The account said: “Russian propaganda has taken yet another bizarre turn.

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“A recent video from the 150th Division shows a man dressed as Batman 'fighting' on the side of Russia's Z forces.”

The unhinged video sees the strange protagonist of the clip turn on a light on top of his head in the darkness – suspenseful music plays.

The low-resolution and low-budget video shows the Russian Robo-Batman standing on top of a wrecked building, a huge gun hanging loosely by his side.

With a massive Z – the symbol of Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine – spray painted across his chest he picks up the massive suppressed light machine gun and finds elevation in the ruined building.

Presumably meant to be showing the ruins of a Ukrainian city, the location of the shot remains unknown.

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The knock-off DC character enters a bombed-out building where he’s greeted by a Russian soldier.

The two pay their dues to each other with extremely serious salutes – a remarkable sight when one of them has little bat ears on top of their head.

The bat-thing then loads up the massive gun with a belt of massive bullets before entering into what appears to be fake combat, rattling off the giant shells into the poor-unsuspecting space beyond.

He fires five bursts from the comically large gun before he and his new comrades look out into the distance – at what exactly is unclear.

Seemingly unrelatedly the footage then clips over to a tank rolling past before a series of explosions erupt in the distance as Bat-Thing look out over the ruins of a city he didn’t destroy.

He and the soldier then fire their guns into the distance pretending to be under threat before he punches the wall next to a balaclava-clad bloke, presumably meant to be some kind of enemy.

What any of it is meant to be saying at all remains entirely unclear.

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