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OnlyFans sex outrage as stars spotted filming raunchy vid on sacred landmark

An OnlyFans model has sparked outrage after she and her fellow stars were spotted filming a raunchy video on a sacred landmark.

Adult star Katty Blake is at the centre of a controversial storm after she and partner Zac walked up the steps of the Rock of Guatapé in El Peñol, Colombia.

Their controversial tape showed Zac drop his trousers while Katty showed off her bottom before performing a sex act on her partner, uploading the video to Pornhub.

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The clip, which showed the pair in a quiet spot on the infamous rock, has since been viewed over 115,000 times and thrown the pair into the spotlight.

Katty has shown no remorse for her actions on the famed rock though, hitting back at critics who believe she should not have sex in public.

Titling her recent porn film "Katty Blake is discovered by tourists having sex at Piedra del Peñol, Guatapé, Antioquia, Colombia", it would appear the star is more than happy to bare all in public.

She said of the backlash: "I get criticised for making porn videos in public places when I actually make them at historical monuments."

Katty addressed said backlash, which has seen criticism pour in from officials including the local mayor, with a post to her Instagram account yesterday (April 4).

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Juan Sebastián Pérez, the local mayor, has said the incident will see a response from government officials who are now working on tightening security in the area.

Increased patrols will, Mayor Pérez says, decrease the amount of people recording themselves in the act on their famous landmarks.

The Rock of Guatapé has religious links and for many of the ancient inhabitants of the region provided a place of worship, something which appears to have been lost on Katty.

It is not just the OnlyFans star that are using the monument for their sex acts though, with a group of tourists stripping off and throwing themselves around the town.

Footage showed the group of tourists running around completely naked in town, with a viral video leading to police involvement and eventual identification of the offending nudists.

Police action for the nude running's was to offer up a grovelling, public apology for their indecent behaviour that struck the town.

It is unclear as of yet whether Katty and Zac will face police action over their rock-based sex act.

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