Kemi Badenoch considers changing legal definition of sex

Kemi Badenoch is considering a change in the law to include the first explicit legal protections for biological women using same-sex spaces and being involved in sports. The Women and Equalities Minister has revealed that the Government wants to look at creating a distinction in law between people who were born women and those who have transitioned.

Such a move could stop trans women from accessing single-sex spaces such as women-only hospital wards as well as prevent them from competing against biological women in their chosen gender.

Anyone who has been granted a gender recognition certificate is at present legally recognised as belonging to a certain sex.

In a letter to Baroness Falkner, who heads the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Ms Badenoch said she wanted her to consider the “benefits or otherwise” of changing the legal definition of sex.

Her move follows attempts in Scotland to make it easier for transgender people to gain legal recognition.

The Government in Westminster says that would be at odds with the UK-wide Equality Act.

Baroness Falkner said the change may bring “greater legal clarity”.

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