Boris Johnson says Ukraine will ‘rise again’

In a video message published on social media by Downing Street officials, the Prime Minister insisted the Russian President’s massive arsenal “will never break the spirit of Ukraine’s people or conquer their home.” He pledged the UK “will not waver” in supporting Ukraine against the onslaught.

In the two-and-a-half-minute video posted on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms yesterday, the Prime Minister said: “From the moment the Russian invasion began and troops and tanks burst across their frontier, Ukrainians have defended their homeland with invincible courage and tenacity.”

“We in Britain are lost in admiration for their valour and patriotism. Our job is to do everything we can to support them.”

“Back in 2015. seven years before this invasion, we sent a military mission called Operation Orbital to strengthen Ukraine’s armed forces.”

“And by the time Vladimir Putin launched his latest onslaught, Britain had trained over 22,000 Ukrainian soldiers.”

“In January, when we feared this invasion was coming, we sent our Ukrainian friends 2000 anti-tank missiles.”

“And we’ve kept up the supply ever since, intensifying, dispatching thousands of weapons to help Ukrainians defend themselves.”

Mr Johnson said his Government was sending Starstreak missiles to protect against air attacks, Javelin missiles and light anti-tank weapons to defend against Russian tanks and body armour and helmets for Ukraine soldiers. 

He added: “Just as important is humanitarian and economic aid, and Britain is providing £400 million of support including 500 mobile generators designed to allow hospitals and other essential facilities to keep going, even if the invader cuts off their power supply.”

“Meanwhile here at home 150,000 people across the UK have offered to take in Ukrainians and the Government has established a special scheme to allow Ukrainians to join relations here or extend their current stay.”

“All the tanks and guns of Vladimir Putin’s arsenal will never break the spirit of Ukraine’s people or conquer their home.”

“Britain will never waver from supporting our friends.”

“And I have not the slightest doubt that when this time of agony is over, Ukraine will rise again and take her place once more among free and sovereign nations.”

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