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Thunder and lightning chaos to reach Britain from Europe in hours

UK weather: Further wet conditions forecast by Met Office

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Forecasters have warned Britons that this week is set to be blighted by cold weather and wintry showers, despite “milder” temperatures expected to head our way in April. Scotland could be shivering -9C overnight as snow showers are set to batter many areas.

Weather maps have revealed large swathes of Scotland will be hit with snow showers today, with some of the snow sticking around until tomorrow (Wednesday March 29).

However, the rest of the UK is bracing for heavy rain and bitter winds as April approaches.

This week began with freezing temperatures in northern areas, but forecasters predict the dominant theme this week will be on the pleasant side as the sun is to shine.

Temperatures vary from 6 to 9C in northern areas and 10 to 12C for the southwest, London and Northern Ireland.

As the week progresses, Britons will see temperatures lift as netweather forecasters said 15 to 17C is forecast.

In its forecast, senior forecaster Jo Farrow warned: “However, the sunshine and high pressure will soon be shoved out of the way by Atlantic weather fronts.

“The high shifts over mainland Europe and then the central Mediterranean by midweek.

“A smaller, deepening low will then nip towards southern England and the Channel Islands on Thursday night and Friday.

“Wrapped around this could be some hefty downpours and strong winds.”

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Looking ahead to the beginning of April, the Met Office said any sunny weather will be limited to the southwest but these areas also will likely be drenched with showers, perhaps heavy with a risk of thunder.

However, the weather service added that the rest of April is set to be beaming with mild weather.

It said: “As we move further into April we are likely to see a gradual trend toward more settled conditions with perhaps the greater chance of drier conditions across the north, albeit with some overnight frost.

“Further south, there is a higher likelihood of further wet weather at times.

“Overall, temperatures probably averaging out to be close to normal.”

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