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Boy, 7, has both legs amputated after nasty bout of flu and Strep A

A youngster found himself with a nasty bout of flu and Strep A, which led to the seven-year-old needing both legs amputated.

Sporty kid Kaden Stevenson, from Michigan, United States, had complained to mum Michele of feeling exhausted over the Christmas holidays.

Mum Michele believed it was a regular cold, but a trip to the ER following a leg swell and body rash that was so painful young Kaden could not put his coat or shoes on, led to a terrible diagnosis.

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Doctors at the time said Kaden had toxic shock syndrome, a life-threatening illness where damaged bacteria tissue releases toxins into the body.

Flu is believed to have weakened the youngster's body to the point where an initially mild case of Strep A was life-threatening and flaring up other diseases.

Medics fought for hours to save the life of the seven-year-old, who was flown 100 miles to a specialist hospital where his legs were removed, and was discharged a week later.

Kaden's mum, Michele, said: "I've been calling him my superhero because he is mine. Everything that he does, he just tries so hard and never gives up. And then, even with learning how to do the wheelchair, he just takes off.

"When I think back to if I had done anything differently than what I had done, my son might not be here. If I had waited one more day, one more hour, he might not be here."

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Kaden has since received prosthetic legs and although the "hero" is said to miss his sporting days, the once-avid football player is "kind of happy", DailyMail reported.

Mum Michele added: "He always talks about [how] he misses the old times and he misses when he could walk and how things used to be. But he said he's kind of happy. He likes his new legs."

The seven-year-old was left dealing with a bout Strep A, a bacterial infection that can spread through the bloodstream in serious cases.

Toxic shock syndrome, which Kaden was diagnosed with, can be caused when Strep A bacteria enters the bloodstream.

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