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French blame ‘Americanisation’ of baking bread for causing farting epidemic

Angry bakers are fuming over a growing craze for undercooked baguettes which they say is causing a worldwide farting epidemic.

French cooks, who sell 10 billion stick loaves a year, blasted the “half-baked idea from America” which is forcing them to remove baguettes before they are crusty.

It leaves them with spongy white bread which they blame for a wide range of issues, including tooth decay and flatulence.

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Experts say the soft and doughy texture is much more difficult for the body to digest and can make those who eat it bloated and more prone to farting.

France, led by President Emmanuel Macron, is known for its culinary craft.

But Damien Dedun, last year’s Parisian baker of the year, said 80% of his customers now want underbaked baguettes.

He fumed: “It’s a trend, a new consumer habit that has been brought on by supermarkets.

“During cooking, the starch in the flour is supposed to inflate, to split and then to dehydrate to be more easily assimilated by the body.

“When it’s not cooked, it’s the stomach that is going to finish degrading the starch and that’s going to make it hurt.”

Fellow baker and shop owner Olivier Magne agreed, saying: “Two-thirds of my sales are baguettes that haven’t finished cooking.

“I am obliged to adapt my offer to demand.”

He claimed the underbaked baguettes his customers now want are “tasteless”, adding: “It’s the Americanisation of things.”

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