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Shameless Boris Johnson’s Partygate defence – ‘I’m not a liar, I’m a moron’

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    “Bozo” Johnson has claimed he was “honest” but “inadvertently misleading” as his partygate defence dossier was finally published.

    The ousted Prime Minister said he accepts he misled the Commons but claims he did it in “good faith” and would “never have dreamed of doing so”.

    He also insisted there is “no evidence” he did it “intentionally or recklessly”, except for claims by the “discredited Dominic Cummings”, his former chief adviser.

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    Bozo claims the fact an official snapper was present shows it wasn’t “obvious” lockdown rules were breached.

    But Cummings hit back last night, suggesting his former boss was indulging in “further misinformation” in his account about the Number 10 garden party on May 20 2020.

    And he says the revelations in Sue Gray’s report “genuinely shocked me” as he renewed his apologies “to the British people for what happened on my watch”.

    Throwing his advisers under the bus, he said: “It was self-evidently reasonable for me to rely on assurances that I received from my advisers.”

    Bozo insists he had to rely on his advisers because he was PM and “working day and night to manage the Government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic”.

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    Yet his 52-page defence dossier failed to deny whether he joked he was at “probably the most unsocially distanced gathering in the UK right now”.

    He is said to have made the comment during a boozy mid-pandemic leaving do in November 2020, according to the Privileges Committee’s interim report earlier this month.

    He claimed the quote was selective and the committee had missed out a line from the witness saying he only had a glass of water and left.

    A woman whose father died with Covid-19 has said Bozo’s partygate defence highlights “his lack of shame and humility”.

    Kathryn de Prudhoe, a psychotherapist from Leeds who lost her father Tony Clay in April 2020, called into question Bozo’s leadership credentials.

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    She said: “I feel utterly insulted at the obfuscation used to avoid accountability and the subtle yet obvious attempt to paint himself as a victim of people who were out to get him.

    “The victims in all of this are families like mine who lost loved ones in the most traumatic circumstances.

    “He is not, nor ever was fit to hold the office of prime minister.

    “Not at any time, but least of all through a national crisis that required the highest standards of integrity and leadership.”

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    Lobby Akinnola, 32, spokesman for Covid-19 Bereaved Families For Justice, said his father Femi, 60, died with Covid in April 2020 before being buried in May.

    The burial happened a day before Bozo was snapped sitting with his wife Carrie and staff at a table with wine and cheese in the No 10 garden.

    Mr Akinnola described Bozo’s partygate defence as “complete and utter nonsense” and “ridiculous to say that ignorance is some kind of defence”.

    The Privileges Committee is considering at least four occasions when Bozo may have misled MPs with his assurances that lockdown rules were followed.

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