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State of play: Silicon Valley Bank

Illustration: Gabriella Turrisi/Axios

The drama in the days before last Friday's FDIC seizure of Silicon Valley Bank — and the ensuing fog that followed the bank's failure — threw the dealmaking community into disarray.

Why it matters: Axios Pro Deals reporters leapt into action to cover the fallout this shocking bank run and failure had on the fintech, climate, health tech, retail and media sectors.

  • SVB's climate crater (Megan Hernbroth)
  • Scoop: Climate VCs manage the SVB message (Alan Neuhauser)
  • Project financing in limbo amid SVB turmoil (Megan Hernbroth)
  • SVB Financial Group puts itself up for sale (Michael Flaherty)
  • Silicon Valley Bank collapse sends inflows across the industry (Lucinda Shen)
  • Mercury launches $3M insured accounts after SVB collapse (Lucinda Shen)
  • Health tech funding crunch tightens (Claire Rychlewski, Aaron Weitzman)
  • Local reactions to SVB tremors (Axios Local)

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