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‘Mafia boss Putin is murdering the Russian elite’ as 39 figures mysteriously die

The Kremlin is believed to be responsible for the death of at least 39 high-profile Russian figures in the last year including oligarchs, scientists and even generals.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022 numerous powerful Russian figures have died in often odd and unexplained circumstances.

Dozens of high-profile figures have suffered sudden "suicides" and "accidental" deaths, but many seem to occur after the deceased have criticised, or opposed the Russian President.

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A recent example comes in the form of the death of 'Scarface' oligarch Sergey Grishin.

The Russian tycoon, who sold ex-royals Meghan and Harry their California mansion, was reported to have died from sepsis, soon after slamming Putin's regime.

Another eminent Russian figure – scientist Andrey Botikov – was found strangled with a belt in his Moscow apartment last week.

Experts predict the Russian COVID-19 vaccine-creator was murdered on behalf of the Kremlin.

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Simliarly, millionaire sausage tycoon and politician Pavel Antov was found dead alongside his "companion" Vladimir Budanov.

Antov was found dead in a pool of his own blood, shortly after criticising Putin's war in Ukraine.

Within the space of a month, three businessmen – Vasily Melnikov, Vladislav Avayev, and Sergei Protosenya – were found dead alongside their families in a trio of apparent "murder-suicides".

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Russian authorities are quick to rule some of the strange deaths as "suicide", despite inexplicable circumstances.

Colonel Vadim Boyko was found dead in his office with five bullets lodged in his body.

The military chief's death was reported as self-inflicted, leading to questions over the integrity of the mysterious ruling.

Darya Dugina, the daughter of Putin's close ally, Alexander Dugin, died suspiciously in a car bombing in Moscow, which the Russian state blamed upon Ukraine.

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Professor Anthony Glees, an intelligence expert from the University of Buckingham, regards the deaths as a mere "course of conduct" for the Kremlin.

Remarking on the puzzling deaths, Professor Glees told the Sun: "There are two kinds of victim, as far as we can tell: those who are opposed to Putin's Ukraine policies, frequently involved in big Russian corporations…

"And those who Putin believes have double-crossed him, oligarchs from the world of business who have taken the money but not done his bidding, whether kept cash not meant for them, or opposed him politically, or perhaps both."

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The professor explained Putin maintains Russia's hierarchy, with himself at the very top, by using fearmongering and violence similar to that of Adolf Hitler.

"Was Germany prior to Hitler's death 'stable'? Sadly, yes," Professor Glees told The Sun Online.

"Putin knows this and will take heart from it: after all, Hitler was defeated by the military might of his enemies, not by the hand of his own people who remained loyal to the last.

"It is this that makes him so dangerous."

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