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UK weather maps show 9ins of ‘disruptive snow’ with -15C deep freeze

UK weather: Met Office forecasts cold temperatures

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The UK is bracing for the coldest and most wintry period since the “Troll From Trondheim” with a huge nine inches of snow to be dumped on the country in a brutally cold -15C deep freeze. Earlier today, the Met Office issued a warning for “severe cold weather with icy conditions and heavy snow” that will stay in place for the next few days. The latest UK weather maps show another barrage of snow will begin sweeping in throughout Scotland and northern parts of England on Monday, with up to 5cm falling north of the border.

Within just 24 hours, the map shows the entire UK under huge threat from snowfall, which could see 6cm hit most of Scotland. Up to 4cm could hit the North East and Wales, with 3cm falling in the Midlands.

But this heavy snow threat significantly ramps next Wednesday as much of the UK weather map turns icy white, with a massive 22cm of snow showing in a region of Central Scotland.

England doesn’t escape the brutal weather either as the North East could be hit by 8cm of snow, the North West by 5cm and up to 2cm falling in many other surrounding areas.

The map for next Thursday continues to show between 14-22cm of accumulated snow in Central Scotland, 9cm in north east England, 5cm in the North West and 4cm in Wales.

This heavy snow threat continues into next weekend and although it appears to subside slightly, accumulations of 19cm are still showing in Central Scotland and 7cm in north east England.

However, this barrage of snow will also bring with it a bone-chilling deep freeze that could see temperatures crashing to as low as -15C in some areas.

The UK weather map begins to turn icy blue next Tuesday, with lows of -6C in western Scotland and -5C in northern England.

But within just 48 hours, the map turns dark blue, with freezing lows of between -10C and -13C throughout large parts of Scotland. The mercury could also plunge to as low as -9C in northern England, -7C in Wales, -4C in the Midlands and -3C in the South West.

The bone-chilling freeze continues into next weekend, with the weather maps showing lows of between -10C and -12C in large parts of Scotland, with the rest of the UK struggling to get above freezing.

Brian Gaze from The Weather Outlook told “Next week is looking set to be the coldest and most wintry since the ‘Troll From Trondheim’ period during the first half of December.

“The pattern is quite similar with high pressure over Greenland and a very cold northeasterly air stream moving down across the UK. However, the longer days and stronger sun at this time of the year mean that daytime temperatures could rise a little higher.

“The flip side is there may be more instability in the atmosphere and it would lead to a greater risk of snow. Also, some very low overnight temperatures are likely, particularly in areas where there is snow cover.

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“Computer models are suggesting values of -15C in the Scottish Glens and -8C in the southern half of the UK are not out of the question.”

Mr Gaze also warned over the possibility of “heavy and disruptive snowfall”, adding: “Initially sleet or snow showers will probably be focused on the north and east of Britain, with the chance of accumulations increasing the further northwards you go.

“However, low pressure systems are likely to be pushing in from the southwest next week. As they bump into the cold air over the UK they bring the potential for heavy and disruptive snowfall.”

AccuWeather Meteorologist Alyssa Smithmyer also warned the UK could be hit by heavy snow next week that could last for several days.

She told “On Monday, the forecast for wintry showers may largely consist of steady showers in the Scottish Highlands and typically colder areas in Scotland where some accumulation is possible, with much lighter wintry showers down through the higher ground in central England where there could be little to no accumulation of snow.

“Daytime highs on Tuesday will trend a few degrees colder in most areas and the storm of interest will still likely linger along the north east of the UK.

“We may see maximum temperatures only climbing to 1-4C in parts of northern and central England, along with in the higher ground of Wales.

“Maximum temperatures across Scotland can range from -8 to 5C on Monday. This can promote increased chances for snow accumulation in the higher terrain of Wales and central England.

“There will likely be transition zones where temperatures overnight promote snowfall, while rising daytime temperatures can allow for precipitation to transition from frozen over to liquid. London is expected to have a max temperature on Tuesday 5-6C).”

The AccuWeather Metoerologist added: “From Wednesday onward, models differ on the storm’s exact track and chances for snow in the UK. If the storm remains closer to the eastern coast of the country, chance for snow may linger into midweek.

“However, if it tracks farther southeast or eastward into Denmark or northern Germany the chances for snow in Scotland or England will gradually lower by Wednesday.”

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