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Russian fighter jet blasted out of the sky by Kyiv missile

A Russian light bomber aircraft has been shot down in eastern Ukraine, footage has shown, in the latest blow to Putin and his war efforts. Videos posted to social media showed an SU-34 Russian fighter jet, worth around £42 million, destroyed by air defence missiles over the city of Yenakiieve in Donetsk Oblast, eastern Ukraine. Anti-aircraft gunners allegedly shot down the aircraft while it was flying over the Russian-occupied region, with both pilots forced to eject as their aerial vehicle caught on fire and plummeted towards the ground.


Ukraine under ‘severe pressure’ to withdraw from Bakhmut

Russian forces have made “further advances” in the northern suburbs of Bakhmut in the last 36 hours, destroying two bridges and cutting off the last remaining main supply route to the nearby city of Chasiv Yar, the British Ministry of Defence has reported.

In their latest daily update this morning, the MoD suggested Ukrainian forces in the city in Donetsk Oblast were “increasingly under severe pressure” as the Russian soldiers, emboldened by mercenary Wagner Group fighters, look to encircle the area.

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