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Wild conspiracy theory claims ‘China has new land full of dinosaurs’

A woman on TikTok has claimed that China have a secret land of dinosaurs hidden from the rest of the world.

She claims that the world is in for a “rude awakening” when they discover that a Jurassic Park style natural area that could be unleashed.

With thousands of views and commenters, the app is rife with conspiracy theories, and followers seem to believe this one to be true.

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"China found uncharted land that has been untouched with dinosaur bones and other species found some of these species have a height of 13 feet tall the USA has not said anything about it," she wrote to her followers alongside the video.

She was supposedly getting her nails done in a salon when she heard the technicians listening to the news in China. Using Google translate to listen along, she said she heard some interesting news.

"Wait, please stop – so no one is talking about this, no one. You guys won't believe," she said in the video. "I was at the nail salon the other day and I heard some shocking news.”

According to her, she heard news of dinosaur species that have been discovered.

"The Chinese have discovered unchartered land – I'm talking about land untouched."

"This information isn't even available in the USA, I cannot find any source," she added, before claiming her nail tech "confirmed" the news with further by saying there were "hundreds or thousands" of these creatures.

Many people have added to the video by saying they’re scared by the prospect and are worried that they might be released.

One commenter said: “I hope we don’t go looking for it. We mess everything up.”

Another added: “I’m done.”

“Wondering if this is why China and Russia backed out of the Artic Treaty in the past few months," wrote one user.

Others aren’t as easily convinced, however, saying: “I love people spreading mass panic on TikTok about stuff they hear on the news.”

Videos have also popped up asking whether 2023 will be the year of Jurassic Park, suggesting the Chinese could even go as far as to clone dinosaurs.

This follows the news that a giant dinosaur footprint on the Yorkshire coastline, marking the largest ever found in the region.

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