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Serial killer-obsessed mum found guilty of stabbing on-off boyfriend to death

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    Serial-killer obsessed Shaye Groves has been found guilty of murdering her on-off boyfriend, Frankie Fitzgerald.

    Self-confessed true crime lover Groves, 27, had initially claimed to have mistakenly hit her boyfriend "in the neck" with a dagger while trying to grab a money box.

    The 27-year-old was found guilty of murder at Winchester Crown Court.

    Groves had plunged the knife into Frankie, 25, while he slept and is said to have video-called a friend afterward to show that she had "done him" as she showed her pal the body.

    Jurors heard that Groves kept an array of framed photos of notorious serial killers and murderers, including Myra Hindley and Ted Bundy, on her bedroom wall.

    She had also kept a selection of "decorative" daggers, with depictions of horror film villains including Jigsaw and Chucky featured alongside them.

    Groves had taken the blade to Frankie 22 times in a fatal stabbing on July 17 last year, causing a "large split" in the 25-year-old's neck during a horrifying frenzy.

    The 27-year-old will be sentenced at a later date.

    Following the murder, Groves had video-called her friend and was "giggling away" as she made conversation, eventually revealing she had a "really big secret" for her friend Vicky Baitup.

    Mrs Baitup said of the video call: "That's when she went upstairs, went into her room, pointed the camera at [Frankie] and said 'I've done him'.

    "I don't think I had really grasped what happened earlier. The gash was so deep – it was enormous."

    Groves had claimed Frankie had attempted to hurt her and that she had acted in self defence, with a post mortem finding that Frankie was stabbed 17 times in the front of the chest, twice to other chest areas and three times in the neck.

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