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Putin’s leg movements at Lukashenko meeting fuels health rumours

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Vladimir Putin hosted Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko at his own residence near Moscow for a meeting. However, the Russian leader’s odd and fidgeting body language sparked a swirl of speculation about his health. President Putin can be seen uneasily moving his legs throughout the entire duration of the public conversation with President Lukashenko.

One clip shared by the Kremlin saw the Russian leader move his ankles up and down and his knees side to side for the entire minute and twenty-three seconds caught on camera.

Anton Gerashchenko, an advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, tweeted a clip of the moment: “Putin’s feet during his meeting with Lukashenko. Is this Morse code?”

Tendar, which regularly monitors the conflict in Ukraine, added: “Putin’s continuing problem to control his legs and arms has been visible again today when he met Lukashenko.

“This man is medically sick. Russia’s losing war will most certainly expedite his worsening condition.”

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Many others who saw the clip speculated it was a sign of Parkinson’s since restless legs syndrome is a common problem for those suffering from the condition.

AdinOfCrimea tweeted: “For those saying it’s edited video, here is the original. Whether restless or medical, it’s not normal behavior on the world stage.

“7 years cared for father that died with Parkinson’s. I can attest it looks like later early stages, but you be the judge.”

The war in Ukraine has led to a frenzy of theories about the state of President Putin’s health.

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Speculation has ranged from Parkinson’s to cancer, with several investigative Russian websites reporting that the Russian leader travels with a team of doctors.

Fueling the speculation, the Kremlin has been accused of recording Putin’s appearances in advance to give the impression that he is working in public.

The meeting between the Russian leader and the Belarusian president also led to an awkward exchange between the pair.

When the pair met, President Putin said “thank you for agreeing to come,” to which President Lukashenko responded: “I couldn’t refuse to come.”


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The Russian leader said he had seen the Belarusian’s press conference the day earlier, during which President Lukashenko had invited US leader Joe Biden to Minsk for peace talks.

President Lukashenko admitted he was worried that his remarks had likely “upset” the Russian leader.

President Putin dismissed, insisting: “I share your position and approaches, you know.”

During the news conference on Thursday in Minsk, President Lukashenko announced that Belarus would only join the war if attacked.

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