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Fears Putin could kill Brit tourists in the Med as sea mine drifts 1,000 miles

Vladimir Putin's weaponry appears to be floating further and further away from the battlefield as a sea mine was seen exploding in the Black Sea.

Said explosion of a Russian sea mine happened almost 1,000 miles away from the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, with fears that the Mediterranean could become flooded with floating mines.

Footage of the explosion was filmed by locals at the Batumi in Georgia, a popular area for tourists hoping to soak up the sun.

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But a sudden explosion that set car alarms off was reportedly caused by a Russian mine that had drifted far further out to sea than it should have.

One eyewitness can be heard saying: "It’s either a snag, or a mine. Look at it, do you see it – round-shaped and with spikes, or could it be a buoy."

At this point in the footage, the sea mine explodes, prompting one person to yell "f***ing hell" while another says "I told you so".

Thankfully nobody was hurt in the incident, but a huge check is now underway after fears grew over just how many mines there were in the area.

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A statement from the Interior Ministry read: "Reconnaissance work has been conducted, and the remains of the explosive device were seized and appropriate experts were appointed."

In response, special barriers are set to be installed "for safety reasons" along the coast of Georgia, while special advice will be administered to boats in the hopes they will report any suspicious seafaring items.

It comes after Russian FSB agents revealed last year that 420 of their wartime mines had broken free and were bobbing around in the ocean.

At the time, this was dismissed as misinformation by Ukrainians, but NATO member Turkey soon after detected a stray mine near the coast of Istanbul.

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